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Bansiwala Anardana Goli for Digestion | Relief from Gastric & Acidity with Sweet Taste

Ayurveda highly recommends a combo of herbs and spices called bansiwala anardana goli for better digestion and stomach health. In its strong candy form, Bansiwala Swadisht anardana goli relieves stomach imbalances, promotes the generation of digestive enzymes, and aids in the removal of toxins from the gut.

About this item

  • Bansiwala anardana goli promotes the digestion of foods, its digestive enzymes are used to digest foods.
  • Bansiwala anardana goli helps to provide you immediate relief from gastric, acidity, and bloating issues.
  • Bansiwala anardana goli combines the goodness of natural ingredients like Saunth, Jeera, Dhaniya, anardana, pipal, and amchur.
  • Delicious Pachak Goli especially for kids & all. A Sour and Sweet Treat to Savour After Your Meal and Anytime. Delicious and Healthy Hajma Pachak.
  • Bansiwala anardana goli helps in flatulence, gas formation, sour belching, burning in the chest, indigestion, constipation, etc.