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Bansiwala Swadisht Churan for Digestion | Ayurvedic Chatpata Digestive Churan

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Bansiwala Swadisht Churan for digestion is a mixture of natural and commonly found herbs and spices which are highly recommended in Ayurveda for better stomach health & digestion.

About this item

  • Improves Digestion: Bansiwala Churan relieves gas, acidity, and bloating. Regulates digestive process effectively.
  • Food Digestive Churan: Promotes digestion of foods with digestive enzymes. Relieves heaviness and stomach pain after eating.
  • Tasty Mouth Freshener: Tasty & tangy mouth freshener that can be eaten after a meal or any time.
  • Rid Gastric Troubles: Bye-bye to acidity, indigestion, bloating, and gastric disorders. Good for reducing stomach heaviness.
  • Why You Need It: Bansiwala Churan is completely Ayurvedic, everyone can enjoy the peppery & salty-sweet taste.

Healthally Amla Shikakai Shampoo | Best Shampoo for Hair Growth without Chemicals

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Healthally Amla Shikakai Shampoo gives your hair a more luxurious treatment. Savor the benefits of Amla & Shikakai for lustrous, vibrant hair.

About this item

  • ✔ HAIR LOSS TREATMENT FOR MEN AND WOMEN: An expert remedy for hair-fall condition, this shampoo follows a triple-action plan– promoting a healthy scalp, strengthening hair roots, and deep-conditioning hair.
  • ✔ HAIR GROWTH SHAMPOO: Amla & Shikakai keep the scalp free of infections. Amla strengthens and stimulates hair follicles, thus controlling hair fall and promoting hair growth.
  • ✔ ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO: Amla can be called a scalp guard as it does not allow dandruff, lice, or any kind of hair infections to attack you. Amla helps in effective cleansing.
  • ✔ CONDITIONERS FOR HAIR: Shikakai is an all-natural herb that is capable of deeply conditioning the scalp and providing that touchable softness to the hair. Taking care of oil regulation in the scalp, Shikakai works wonders for hair.
  • ✔ HAIR SMOOTHNING: Shikakai cleanses, tames the texture, and provides the necessary nourishment to bring about that sheen, and bounce. Having a low pH, Shikakai is mild on the hair and efficient enough to eliminate lice and tackle dandruff.

Healthally Hadjod Capsule for Joint Pain | Bones & Joint Strength Capsule

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About This Product

Are joint discomfort and stiffness slowing you down? Say goodbye to those nagging aches with Healthally Hadjod Capsule for joint pain, your natural solution for enhanced joint health. Hadjod Capsule may support joint flexibility, and mobility and may relieve joints & Muscle discomfort. Our Hadjod Capsule maintains joint flexibility and eases discomforts that come with age, heavyweight, or sports-related issues. 

Healthally Liver Cleanse Livamritam Syrup | Ayurvedic Tonic for Liver Detox

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About This Product

Healthally liver cleanse livamritam syrup is crafted with time-tested Ayurvedic ingredients to support your liver's natural detoxification process. It's a holistic approach to wellness.
  1. Natural Liver Detox: Gently cleanse your liver with Ayurvedic herbs.
  2. Optimal Liver Function: Boost metabolism and bile production.
  3. Renewed Energy: Feel revitalized with a healthier liver.
  4. Digestive Wellness: Say goodbye to bloating and discomfort.
  5. Toxin-Free Formula: 100% natural with no harmful additives.
  6. Holistic Wellness: Embrace the power of Ayurveda for liver health.

Vedic Roots Antacid Syrup for Acidity | Ayurvedic Syrup for Gas, Acidity, Indigestion

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About this item

  • Balances Stomach Acid Levels.
  • Helps in the Secretion of Digestive Juices & Enzymes.
  • Reduces Digestive Heat in the Body.
  • Vedic Roots Antacid Syrup/Tonic Made From KHADI INDIA & Approved By AYUSH INDIA.

Vedic Roots Arjun Chaal Powder | Arjun Chaal for Heart Health & Cardio Vascular

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Vedic Roots Arjun Chaal Powder is the natural choice for those seeking holistic heart health support. Prioritize your cardiovascular wellness with this exceptional product.
  • Arjuna chaal helps with heart care & good for cardiac health.
  • Arjuna chaal also promotes liver and kidney health.
  • Arjuna chaal may reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol
  • Arjuna chaal is beneficial for women in periods pain & menstrual cycle days
  • Mix Arjuna chaal in boiled water or herbal tea to boost immunity & overall health.