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himalayan brew herbal green tea

Himalayan Brew Herbal Tea | Detox Tea,Weight Control, Fat Loss Tea

A beautiful fusion of refreshment and the goodness of nature is Himalayan Brew Herbal Tea. This herbal green tea, which comes from the Himalayas' virgin slopes, is a harmonic mix of hand-picked herbs.

About this item

  • ✅ Herbal tea helps in natural detoxification, strengthens the body's immunity & gives you energy & stamina.
  • ✅ This delicious herbal tea helps in your fitness routine and starts losing extra weight & belly fat.
  • ✅ Herbal tea keeps your blood sugar level under control, herbal tea promotes the improvement of natural insulin.
  • ✅ Herbal tea helps with colds, coughs & normal fever relief. Boosts metabolism, and relieves acidity & constipation.
  • ✅ Himalayan Brew Herbal Tea, is manufactured by Khadi Gram Udyog. Which is completely based on the standards set by AYUSH.