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bansiwala khadi lavender bath soap

Bansiwala Khadi Lavender Bath Soap | Lavender Soap for Skin Glow and Moisturizer


About This Product

  1. Soothing Lavender Bliss: Bansiwala Lavender Soap measures 100g and is suitable for all ages. Crafted with care to ensure the highest quality and durability. Available in various invigorating sizes.
  2. Endless Aromatherapy: Includes 2 Lavender Bars for endless relaxation possibilities. Perfect for calming baths, encourages stress relief, suitable for all age ranges.
  3. Advanced Aromacare Technology: Infused with cutting-edge aromacare design for a unique sensory experience. Ideal for lavender enthusiasts and promotes skin rejuvenation.
  4. Pure Ingredients, Radiant Skin: Made with natural lavender extracts, it provides a calming effect. Suitable for various conditions, and perfect for lavender lovers, offers radiant skin benefits.
  5. User-Friendly Luxury: Easy to use and maintain, with a unique ergonomic design. Crafted to solve common skin issues, perfect for everyday pampering.
  6. Lavender Elegance: Embraces the essence of lavender with numerous benefits for different skin types. Promotes relaxation and nourishment for a refreshing bath experience.
  7. Therapeutic Lavender: Harnesses the power of lavender for holistic well-being. Promotes relaxation and offers various skin benefits.