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Healthally PCOS PCOD Care Supplement | Supari Pak for Woman Health

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Healthally PCOS PCOD Care Supplement is a carefully formulated blend of premium ingredients designed to support your journey toward hormonal.

About This Product 

  • ✅ Supari Pak works as a restorative tonic for women and helps to keep their period cycle healthy. It May help with period pain, headache, and backache, and relieves anxiety. It may help you to get back your confidence.
  • ✅ Supari Pak is very useful in leucorrhoea, where women experience thick whitish or yellowish color discharge. All women can use it for a better health system. It gives you the power to overcome weakness.
  • ✅ AYUSH APPROVED Ayurvedic Supari Pak is a health and restorative tonic for female wellness. It may reduce common health issues of women like headaches, backache, anxiety, uneasiness, and bodily fatigue.
  • ✅ Supari Pak is made with rare ayurvedic ingredients like puga, ghrita, Talisa, vanshlochna, virologist, nagakesara, and 24 more natural herbs, which are very useful to enhance the overall health of women.
  • ✅ Dosage: 1 Spoon of milk twice a day with warm milk. Supari Pak may provide strength and immunity to the female. It is an herbal remedy for leucorrhoea, female weakness, and facial paleness.