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bansiwala saffron sandal soap, khadi natural saffron soap

Bansiwala Saffron Sandal Soap | Natural Tan Remover and Skin Glow


About This Product

  1. Unlock Natural Radiance: Infused with pure saffron, our soap enhances your skin's natural glow.
  2. Tranquil Cleansing Experience: Indulge in a soothing bath with the calming properties of sandalwood.
  3. Effective Tan Remover: Banish tan lines with our specially formulated soap for a clearer skin tone.
  4. Skin Glow Booster: Nourish your skin and promote a healthy glow with every use.
  5. Handcrafted Excellence: Each soap is naturally crafted for quality, ensuring a luxurious bathing experience.