Yoga For Heart – Yoga Poses for Cardiovascular Wellness

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In this article, we have enumerated the topic of Yoga Poses for Cardiovascular Wellness. Yoga can play an essential role in maintaining our heart health. Similar to performing physical activities in our daily lives, we also perform stretching, breathing exercises, and relaxation to enhance our heart health. It helps the heart to pump blood within our system in a better way. It enhances our overall health in the best possible way. So, let us not waste much time and go through this post.

Yoga Poses for Cardiovascular Wellness

UtthitaTrikonasana (Extended triangle pose)

This pose mentioned here will be beneficial for the heart. In this case, you need to perform stretching after standing up. Our chest is going to open up and we can breathe deeper. There is no doubt that the extended triangle pose will make your heart big and strong.

Utkatasana or the Chair Pose

 While performing this pose, stand with your legs a bit apart and your toes must be pointed in the forward direction. Bend your knees after raising your arms. Make sure to touch your thighs and your knees have to be bent till they are almost parallel to the ground. Your torso will bend forward to some extent and your knees will stick out. Make certain to stand erect after remaining in that position for one minute. This pose can be accountable for using the muscles of your hands and legs and will likewise enhance your heart health.

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Vrikshasana or The Tree Pose

This pose will enhance your strength effectively and will help you to feel balanced. You will feel cheerful when your shoulders are going to open up. One can perform this pose easily as well. In this way, your shoulders are going to become stronger and you will be able to stand up erect. If you want to make your heart strong and healthy, you ought to perform the Tree Pose.

SetuBandhasana or the Bridge Pose

The Bridge Pose will help you to breathe properly and also improve blood circulation in the chest area. You need to lie on your back and your hands must be placed beside your hips. After bending the knees, try to bring your toes as close as possible close to your hips. Keep your legs a bit apart and parallel to some extent. Exert pressure below with your hands and legs while exhaling so that your thighs become parallel to the ground. Try to straighten the lower part of your back while keeping your hips strong. Make certain to roll below your shoulders to make the pose even better and press your chest in the direction of your chin. This pose will help to get rid of all types of strain on your shoulders, chest, as well as the lower portion of your back.


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Ustrasana or the Camel Pose

This pose will be beneficial for the lungs since it will help to open up your shoulders, chest, as well as back. It will improve blood circulation and make you more flexible. Make it a point to kneel down on the ground in order to make this pose. It will be advisable to use an additional cushion if you are suffering from pain in the knees. Keep the knees a bit apart and straighten your thighs. Your toes must touch the ground while keeping your legs in the upward direction. Make your hands soft while placing them on the hips. Make your back straight using your hands while inhaling deeply. Raise your chest while applying pressure with the shoulder blades at the back.

Legs up the wall pose (ViparitaKarani)

Place your exercise mat at the side of a wall and place a cushion at the opposite end. Sit down while touching the wall on the left side. Rotate your torso to the left side gradually and raise your legs up on the wall. Lie down on your back after placing your head on the ground. Place your arms beside you in such a way that you feel comfortable. Inhale deeply from the belly and exhale slowly so as to feel comfortable. Bring your knees close to your chest after five to ten minutes and roll on one side. Make sure to rest for some time before sitting gradually.


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All these yoga mentioned above poses for cardiovascular wellness will be beneficial for the heart. Always bear in mind that you also need to make some modifications in your lifestyle if you want to get the desired outcomes. Also, it will be advisable to perform workouts on a regular basis for a minimum of 30 minutes every day.

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