Why Amla is called Herbal Indian Doctor – Power of Amla

Why Amla is called Herbal Indian Doctor

Amla is known as the “herbal Indian doctor” because of its reputation for all the positive things that it can do for your system. It is beneficial for the skin and the immune system because of its high content of vitamin C. It likewise helps to manage diabetes while enhancing heart health and helping in digestion. Amla is held in high esteem by Ayurvedic medicine due to its adaptability and the many ways it helps to improve health. Amal promotes overall well-being and forms an integral part of traditional Indian medication.

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Power of Amla

Boosts immunity

Indian gooseberry or amla is packed with vitamins A and C, flavonoids, alkaloids, and polyphenols. Being an effective antioxidant, amla aids in reducing inflammation and cellular damage. Apart from this, amla encourages the generation of protective antibodies and the expansion of phagocytes and other types of immune cells. White blood cells can help our system combat infection, and amla juice is recommended by Ayurveda to increase the number of white blood cells.

Why Amla is called Herbal Indian Doctor, Power of Amla


Delays aging

Vitamin C has the reputation of being a powerful antioxidant, and the good thing is that amla is packed with this vitamin. We tend to become aged with the accumulation of dead cells. However, antioxidants can combat free radicals and also get rid of pollutants from the system that can lead to the damage of cells and therefore, aging. Eating food items such as amla that contain lots of antioxidants will prevent aging and improve our health too. It is a fact that consuming raw amla will aid in the prevention of wrinkles. Make sure to eat Indian gooseberry with salt and pepper when your stomach is empty after waking up in the morning.

Combats cold and cough

In case you are suffering from a cold and cough make sure to try Amla instead of taking pills. Being a wonderful source of vitamin C, amla will be the right solution to fight colds and coughs. It can boast of having anti-inflammatory attributes that will help to minimize inflammation while enhancing immunity as well. On top of this, the presence of antioxidants will help to get rid of pollutants from the system.

Consume two medium-sized amla fruits which have been cut into pieces and also ground after adding some water. Get rid of the juice by placing it through a strainer. Following this, combine this with some honey, as well as dried ginger powder. Make sure to have this combination 3 to 4 times every day to get relief from cold and cough naturally.


Why Amla is called Herbal Indian Doctor, Helpful in Respiratory Issues


Controls diabetes

Was it known to you that amla is called an herbal Indian doctor because it can also control blood sugar? The fruit is packed with nutrients and its glycemic index is also low. This helps to make it beneficial for controlling diabetes. Amla juice can be considered to be an elixir for life when it comes to diabetes. Besides combating free radicals present in the blood, this fruit will also help to absorb insulin which will result in a minimized blood sugar level.

In this way, it can be rightly asserted that Indian gooseberry will function as a simple and effective natural cure for diabetes. It’ll be sensible for people suffering from high blood sugar to include this amazing fruit into their diet to lead a healthy life.


Why Amla is called Herbal Indian Doctor, Amla Powder


Helps in digestion

It is a proven fact that amla is full of fiber similar to most of the other fruits. The presence of fiber will aid in the transportation of food items via the colon while keeping the motion of the bowels steady. As a result, there is less possibility for individuals to suffer from constipation. Indian gooseberry contains soluble fiber which also prevents diarrhoea by the bulking of loose stools. Besides these, amla likewise helps in the production of digestive and gastric fluids which will make sure that nutrients are absorbed properly after the food has been digested. In this way, you will feel healthier and lighter for sure.

According to a recent study, it has been found that amla can retain water. This particular feature aids in reducing constipation, as well as preventing various types of gastrointestinal issues.


In this way, it is now evident that there are many reasons to call amla “herbal Indian doctor” after you have gone through this article. There are various ways to include Indian gooseberry in your diet. For example, you can have it along with other vegetables in your salad or it can also be added to your dal tadka. Furthermore, you may also squeeze it if you like. There are many options available to you.

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