PCOD and PCOS Difference – What Sets PCOD Apart from PCOS

PCOD and PCOS Difference, women wellness

The ovaries of any female can be influenced by both PCOD as well as PCOS. The full form of PCOD is polycystic ovarian disease and that of PCOS happens to be polycystic ovary syndrome. There are some fundamental differences between them even though both of them appear to be similar. There is a presence of multiple cysts in the PCOD-affected ovary which can lead to hormonal imbalances and irregular periods. On the other hand, PCOS can result in various ailments such as heart issues, diabetes, as well as infertility. It is essential to understand the differences between these two for performing proper treatment. So, let us not waste time and look at the PCOD and PCOS difference right here.

What is PCOD?

The term PCOD refers to a condition where there are many small and innocuous cysts in the female ovary. It is feasible for these cysts to enlarge the size of the ovary while influencing hormonal levels as well. Females suffering from this condition might experience enhancement in weight and irregular periods. This happens to be a natural condition that can be properly managed with the help of regular workouts, medications, and so on. It is possible to control this condition by detecting PCOD early and undergoing proper treatments.

What is PCOS?

Many women suffer from this condition which happens to be a hormonal disorder. It is capable of generating lots of male hormones within the ovary which can result in unwanted weight gain, irregular periods, and excessive generation of hair. Apart from this, women suffering from PCOS can also find it difficult to become pregnant. It can likewise enhance the possibilities of heart ailments and diabetes. Even though there are no possible treatments for this condition, one can take the help of medications to control the effects of PCOS successfully.

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PCOD and PCOS Difference

It is possible that both these conditions will affect the hormonal levels and ovaries of women. Although both of them might appear to be almost identical, it is essential to understand the differences between them. Let us find out more information on PCOD and PCOS differences right below.

PCOD and PCOS Difference, pcod


PCOS is a serious condition

Compared to PCOD, one can consider PCOS to be a more serious condition. It is concerned with imbalances in hormonal levels at a higher level which can result in excess generation of hair, weight gain, and the development of acne. Besides this, PCOS likewise enhances the risks of conditions such as heart ailments, diabetes, and infertility.

PCOD is more common

Unlike PCOS, more women suffer from PCOD. PCOD will result in the formation of multiple small cysts in the ovary that can lead to irregular periods, as well as several mild disorders. This condition can be managed with some simple therapies, in addition to changes in lifestyle. Moreover, PCOD happens to be a less serious condition, unlike PCOS.

PCOS is visible early in life

Compared to PCOD, PCOS can affect many women early in their life. One can experience symptoms such as the development of acne, additional generation of hair, and irregular periods at an adolescent age. It is feasible to get rid of any serious complications because of PCOS by detecting it early. On the contrary, the symptoms of PCOD usually occur afterward, and these are typically not serious.


PCOD and PCOS Difference, pcos


Those suffering from PCOD can nevertheless ovulate regularly

Females struggling with PCOD will be able to ovulate without many issues and they can even become pregnant fairly easily. Despite suffering from irregular periods, their ovaries can function properly in terms of ovulation. However, PCOS can lead to severe hormonal imbalances which makes it more difficult to ovulate.

PCOD does not release an equivalent amount of male hormones compared to PCOS

Unlike PCOS, an equivalent amount of male hormones will not be released by PCOD. Consequently, the symptoms of PCOD are witnessed among females less frequently and are not that noticeable as well. Females struggling with PCOD do not suffer from serious symptoms which can be controlled with the help of changes in lifestyle, balanced diet, as well as medications.


PCOD and PCOS Difference, PCOD Treatment




While talking about PCOD and PCOS difference, we would like to mention that although the ovaries can be affected by both these conditions, how they affect individuals is different. More women are suffering from PCOD and these are typically less serious. On the contrary, a lesser number of females struggle with PCOS which can lead to the development of complicated elements such as infertility and diabetes. It’ll be possible to treat these conditions properly by understanding the differences between them.

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