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What is Nasya Treatment in Ayurveda

We all know that Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of medicinal therapies on the planet, and Nasya treatment is an integral part of Ayurveda. In this type of treatment, you are going to put a few drops of medicine or natural oil in your nose. In this way, it will be possible for you to feel better and relaxed. This is because it will help to clear your mind, nose, and head in the best possible way. This therapy will help you by clearing your stuffy nose or any headaches from which you might be suffering. Thus, it will be feasible for you to enjoy your life once again. Let us find out some more information on Nasya treatment in Ayurveda in the subsequent paragraphs.

Benefits of Nasya treatment in Ayurveda

Relieves Headaches

One significant advantage of Nasya treatment is the fact that it aids in the eradication of headaches. These types of headaches can make our lives miserable in the long run. Imagine that there is a balloon within your head and it is going to hurt when it becomes too full. Putting natural oil in the nose will help this balloon to cause less pressure on the head, thus helping us to get rid of headaches. In this way, we will feel elated and cheerful once again. Plus, the good thing is that Nasya therapy will not cause any unwanted side effects that might make you fall sick.

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Eases Sinus Problems

On some occasions, our noses might become stuffy or blocked. It will provide us with lots of discomfort for sure. The nose is similar to a long tunnel where there is some specific staff inside that makes it stuffy. It is possible to clear the nose and remove all your problems by applying some natural oils to the nose. In this way, we will be able to breathe properly once again. It will make us feel good and we will be capable of performing our daily activities once again in a hassle-free way.

Balances Doshas

It will be feasible for us to be more productive and enjoy ourselves in a better way if we are balanced. The notable thing is that Nasya therapy has the ability to balance the doshas. These doshas are similar to little assistants within our systems that help us to function better. But, sometimes these doshas can become exhausting and they might not be able to make us productive anymore. If we apply some magic oil inside our noses, it will help to rejuvenate the doshas once again. Our bodies will become reenergized and we will be able to live happily once again.

What is Nasya Treatment in Ayurveda, Nasya Treatment


Improves Hair Health

Sometimes we suffer from weak hair follicles and this can make the hair fall off. Fortunately, Nasya therapy has the ability to make our hair strong and healthy once again. Once we apply some medicine or natural oil to the nose, it will make our hair stronger and glowy. The hair roots will become more fortified. As a result, we will be able to make our hair look good by resorting to a natural therapy such as the Nasya therapy. There is no need for us to buy artificial hair products from the market that might result in unwanted side effects.

Improves Voice Quality

Sometimes we might suffer from improper voice quality because of our mouth and throat problems. However, it will be essential to take care of our voices in order to feel good. Nasya therapy involves putting some magic oil in our noses that will help our mouths and throats feel better. It will result in enhanced voice quality as well. Therefore, it is not imperative to suffer from a weak or scratched voice anymore and we will be able to talk as beautifully as always.

Boosts Immunity

There is no doubt that Nasya’s treatment will allow us to remain strong and healthy. Try to think of our body as a castle and the immune system will function as a strong guard that will maintain the safety of the castle. In case the guard becomes weak, we might be susceptible to getting infected by various ailments. The Nasya therapy will help to make the guard strong so that it is feasible for our body to remain strong without fail.


What is Nasya Treatment in Ayurveda, Nasya Treatment for mental health



We make use of Nasya treatment in Ayurveda to maintain the health of our head and nose.  In this form of therapy, medicine or natural oil will be put in the nose. This medication provides us with lots of benefits by reaching the head, nose, and sinuses. In case we are suffering from stuffy nose, headaches, and sinus infections then this aforementioned therapy will be useful to us.

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